Episode 51: Friday Food Hack – 6 Mindful Eating Techniques That Will Enhance Your Health

These 6 Mindful Eating Techniques will truly help you enhance your health and build a better relationship to eating and food. What does that mean? It means paying attention to your body’s physiological needs as well as what you want emotionally in a way that is in balance. This Friday Food Hack ties into my previous Episode 50: The Secret Ingredient of Healthy Eating: Compassion – with Guest Patrick Bryant, where mindful eating helps us build that self-compassion and live healthier, happier, and more in balance.

Welcome to the Friday Food Hack, where I serve up mindful nutrition, fitness, and health hacks to help optimize your health and your life.

6 Mindful Eating Techniques
What are they and how do they help us?

  • Savor Food – really enjoy the tastes, textures, temperatures, and favors
  • Take it Slow – slow down and enjoy, listen to your hunger and fullness
  • Remove Distractions – the less distractions the more attentive you are
  • Create a Positive Atmosphere – make eating a calm and positive experience
  • Be Aware of Your Hunger – the difference between physical and emotional hunger
  • Be Present – enjoy your company and take a break – You Need It!

Listen in as I go into more details about these 6 techniques, and how they relate to our real world lives. Because let’s be real, can you always stop and take 20 minutes to eat a meal this way? Let me put the answer this way, what happens to your health when you spend most of your life not being mindful with your eating?

OK, I truly hope you enjoy this show because Mindful Eating is such a beneficial approach to building self-compassion and a health relationship with food and eating. I’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to hit me up on my social channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or feel free to message me at my website

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