Episode 24: “Is Red Wine Better Than Cocktails?” And Your Other Alcohol Questions Answered

This episode comes from you, the listener! I’m excited for this one because I get an opportunity to field a few great listener questions regarding alcohol. Tune in as I provide some great tips and tricks to help us guys cut back on the booze, debunk alcohol myths and disinformation, and learn what works. Yeah, but don’t worry, this isn’t going to be about abstinence. I enjoy a good bourbon, red wine, and pale ale just like the next guy, the difference here is that I’ll be answering your questions. Like, how to enjoy a few and stick to a balanced healthy relationship with our diet. I answer questions about the effects of alcohol on fitness and performance. Or, like one listener asking if there’s a difference between wine and cocktails? Another great question I cover is whether it’s smarter to eat and drink or drink and then eat? I also go into what drinks are gluten free and how to pay attention to that. And I also provide some great hacks so we can enjoy our drinks mindfully and responsibly.

Keep the great questions coming, and I hope you enjoy this episode! I can’t say this enough, I greatly appreciate you for listening and supporting my show, so I’d love taking question and if you have a nutrition or health topic you’d like me to cover, just leave me a message here. Let me know what you want to hear, what nutrition and wellness questions you want answered, how to maximize and optimize men’s health, or just to leave me a review. I’d love to hear from you!

Lastly, this show is brought to you by TD Wellness, my nutrition practice. We are offering 75% discounts on all virtual consults until the next couple of months. Click this link to find out more and get connected to me, or one of my nutritionist. Stay tuned cuz I’m brining you some more great topics such as overcoming overeating, spotting unnecessary snacking, dealing with cravings, toning and trimming up, going lean, plant-based eating, and the “T” word – testosterone! Remember, it just takes One Small Bite at a time to transform your life – Chop that diet mentality, Fuel your body, and Nourish your soul! Thanks!

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