How to Overcome Eating and Body Image Challenges with The Body Joyful Author Anne Poirier

Hola amigos! Welcome back to another fantastic episode of the One Small Bite Podcast. We are so excited to bring you yet another thought inspiring conversation about body image, food, eating, substance challenges, eating disorders, and life changing journeys. In this episode David talks to Body Confidence Coach and Self-Talk Trainer Anne Poirier. Listen in as we discuss the various challenges people face in our lives when it comes to body image and diets.

First a little intro to Anne Poirier
Having overcome her own eating, food, weight, and body image challenges and drawing upon close to 4 decades of experience, specialized training and advanced certifications, Anne Poirier created the Body Joyful Solution and wrote ‘The Body Joyful’ to share her highly personal and life-changing journey. Anne is a Certified Intuitive Eating and Body Confidence Coach, Self-Talk Trainer, Eating Disorder Specialist and Author.

She is the Founder of Shaping Perspectives, A Woman’s Way to Joy and the leader the Body Joyful Revolution Community. An online source of support, encouragement and inspiration for women of all sizes, shapes and weights. This group of women are committed to rejecting society’s thin ideal, stop dieting, and heal so they can feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies and selves.

Together they inspire other women and girls to know their true value and worth, while decreasing body shaming, bullying and weight stigmatization. Reduce the number of disordered eating and help prevent Eating Disorders.

She is the mother of two adult daughters and lives along the coast in Maine with her husband Tim. Among her favorite self-care activities are walks on the beach capturing sunrises on her camera, collecting and sharing sand dollars and dancing, hula hooping and journaling. To learn more about Anne Poirier, visit her website here. We also talk quite a bit about her journey and various other topics around food, eating, body image, and her amazing book.

Highlights of topics we discussed on today’s show

  • 3 Major events that solidified disordered relationships with food and body
  • Soccer and sports in High School
  • College years 2nd wave of eating disorders, dieting, and body image issues
  • Struggles with divorce, relationships, alcohol, and further body image issues
  • Transformation to Intuitive Eating, HAES, and weight-inclusive life work
  • Blogging, writing, and coaching and helping people
  • The book “The Body Joyful” and current work


This was such a great episode and discovery into the challenges we face in this diet culture society, but learned that we are not shackled by it and can break free to discover our own positive relationship with our body and food. I can’t wait to have you listen in and let me know what you think.

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