Episode 73: Series – Anti-Diet Approaches to New Year’s Resolutions with Lisa Carrigg

David interviews Lisa Carrigg, a registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor in Australia, for the fifth episode of the Anti-Diet Approach to New Year’s Resolutions series. In this episode, Lisa shares her journey to becoming a dietitian, what it was like growing up with a biology teacher and engineer as parents, and her experience working in Peru.

During David and Lisa’s conversations, they discuss how her curiosity at a young age encouraged her exploration of the world and eventually guided her in building her successful business. They talk about how a value-based approach to fueling yourself can liberate us from a society stooped in diet culture, how it is okay to not know where the path leads, and how eating the foods you enjoy is a part of self-care. This podcast continues to explore how many of these practices can tie into TD Wellness’ Four C’s approach to fueling your mind and nourishing your soul! (See what I did there?).

Lisa also shares her crucial One Small Bite to taking an anti-diet approach to New Year’s Resolutions, begin to curate the space you have control over: social media. She suggests that you spend 4-5 minutes scrolling a social media platform and then check in with yourself, ask “how do you feal?”, “did that scroll enhance your life?”. If you have less than positive feelings or don’t feel like you gained anything from scrolling, that might mean there are a few accounts you could go back and mute, unfollow, or even hide! You can also hide or report ads saying they aren’t for you! It is ALL perfectly OKAY for us do to any of these things. In fact, it can be a form of self-care!

About Lisa Carrigg MS, RD, APD
Lisa is an internationally credentialed dietitian from Seattle, Washington with a passion for Intuitive Eating, mindfulness and compassionate holistic care. In addition to completing a Masters degree in nutrition, being a Registered Dietitian in the U.S. and Accredited Practicing Dietitian in Australia she has also completed training as a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and in body image. Her practice, Wander and Nourish, is focused on supporting individuals in finding a more peaceful relationship with food, body and movement as they get to know themselves and their bodies better. Lisa believes that every-BODY and everybody deserves compassionate care and spaces that support them in feeling heard, seen and enough exactly as they are.

Lisa’s Links and Contact Information
Wonder and Nourish
Email: lisa@wanderandnourish.com

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