Episode 52: Is It Safe to Go Back to Your Gym? What to Consider with Guest Jason Varley

Are you itching to go back to the gym, but nervous about whether it is safe to go back in this COVID environment? Me too! Or, maybe you already have.

Well, in this episode I bring my guest Jason Varley, owner of LivFitness in Atlanta GA, to tell us what to look for and how he’s doing it right. Going above and beyond to keep his members safe, but knowing in the long-run that those extra steps make a difference, not just with his members, but his staff and the community as well. We also get to hear from Jason what are essential ingredients in successful fitness routines, and in people staying healthy.

Essential Ingredients to Healthy Fitness

  • Confidence – belief in oneself and their ability
  • Baby steps – it’s not about working out until you puke, One Small Bite
  • Just Do It – getting over discomfort, laziness, and challenges
  • Experiment – testing different fitness modalities, finding your joy
  • Consistency – no matter what, keep it going

Here’s One Gym Doing COVID Safety Right!
Jason talks to us about how he’s going above and beyond what CDC guidelines for gyms and fitness centers are asking for, because in his works “working out isn’t just about fitness, we’re a gym about health and wellness” in other words it’s about creating an environment of health and wellness. It’s about the right balance of safety AND convenience for the gym members and staff. Here are a few key steps Jason is taking at LivFitness

  • Temperature checks – clients check their own temperatures at check-in
  • Mask mandatory – not comfortable, definitely controversial, but mandatory for everyone
  • Max Capacity – no more than 20 people in the gym
  • Cleaning – spay bottles everywhere, clean before and after by members, staff clean as well
  • HVAC – updated and advanced filtration systems
  • Shared Humanity – a gym with morals and a culture of true health and wellness

No Sign-up Fee
Best part is that Jason is offering an awesome deal.

Go to this link – livfitness.us/onesmallbite – to sign-up to LivFitness and he’ll waive the sign-up fee! What!? That’s a savings of $60 – take advantage of this great deal today! Then stay tuned to the end of the show to hear what we have in store for you next week!

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