Episode 91: Reembody Breathing Room App with Kevin Moore and Beck Beverage

This episode is all about Creating a pause between the signals our body sends us and our evaluation of those signals in a cultural context (quoted from reembody website). The quote is the best way to sum up this conversation with guests Kevin Moore and Beck Beverage, founders of the reembody method and the breathing room app. Although, this quote may leave you with some questions like, what do you mean by ‘the signals our body sends us’ or evaluation of what…? That is to be expected (don’t worry we unpack those question as well). For our long time listeners you’ll hear some familiar concepts like interoceptive awareness and somatic work since we’ve discussed these topics with other guests in the past. For newer listeners you get hear a deeper conversation about these topics all in one episode. Really, this episode starts to tie these concepts together, and explains a specific app made to help people reconnect with the physical presentation of the emotions we feel.

A few other things David, Kevin, and Beck discuss include functional movement, the polyvagal theory, how the app Breathing Room came to be, and examples of how the app has helped other people. Honestly, the clinicians at TD Wellness like this app so much a some of our clients might be using it in the near future. This episode is a great listen regardless of if you are a long time listener, new to One Small Bite, one of David’s clients, or not! All through the episode David and his guests discuss the importance of connecting to the body in the way you are feeling right now.

More about the Reembody Breathing Room
The Reembody Breathing Room is a guided practice based on the idea that our emotions are essentially physical sensations in the body to which we attach personal significance due to our lived experience.

If our life experiences have taught us that a particular way of feeling is dangerous, our unconscious behaviors will focus on how to separate us from our awareness of the underlying sensations that make up that feeling.

That strategy works for a little while, but we cannot stay separated from our body indefinitely without incurring consequences—sometimes severe ones.

The Reembody Breathing Room guides you through a practice of exploring how you feel using specialized vocabulary that focuses on body sensation, not on meaning. It creates a pause between the signals our body sends us and our evaluation of those signals..

In that pause, the systems of the body carry out their important work—processing, fueling, healing

Kevin Moore:
For 10 years Kevin has been a powerful ally for bodies of every shape and size and the people that inhabit them. His unique approach starts with the premise that feeling safe within our bodies is our birthright. By blending the best of physical and mental health intervention—and some regular old human connection—Kevin’s private sessions, provider certification trainings, lectures and webinars are transforming the wellness industry from the inside out.

Kevin started out in biochemistry before becoming a professional actor and dancer. He certified as a Pilates instructor in 2005 and quickly built a devoted following. Pilates was only the beginning, however; he also studied movement methods like the Alexander Technique, and the Franklin method, all on top of a life-long practice in Chinese martial arts.

Kevin’s clear, engaging teaching style has helped him develop partnerships with the giants of the health and wellness industry and empower regular people to understand their bodies, beliefs and behaviors.

Beck Beverage:
Beck Beverage is an artist, movement teacher, and activist. Their work is a unique blend of evidence based somatics, functional fitness, and creative practices. They have a Bachelors of Science from Portland State University, are a Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine, a Biomechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist, and a Reembody Certified Apprentice Practitioner with the Reembody Method.

They are passionate about creating community based movement spaces that uplift and celebrate people who don’t usually feel at home in fitness/movement environments. They collaborate with people 1:1 who want to explore what it is like to be more connected to their bodies, feelings, movement, and creativity.

Beck is a contributor to Fitness4allbodies, the Reembody Method Podcast, and co-owner of the Reembody Breathing Room App.

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How Emotions are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain by Lisa Feldman Barrett

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