Episode 53: How Camping Nourishes Your Soul | 8 Health Benefits

Want to find out how camping is one of the best ways to nourish your soul? OK, well actually my family and I glamped-it, but still, what a way to recharge your internal batteries!

Food spread and Airstream

Food spread and Airstream in the background

Glamping It!
Yea, we glamped it this time. If you’re in the Atlanta area, check out Stay Sublime. They rent Airstreams, drop them off at a destination you choose, hook it all up, level it, and you’re ready to go. The Airstream is fully packed with all the amenities – kitchen, pots, pans, dishes, utensils, table that converts to a twin bed, queen size bed, full bath with shower. And they hook it all up for you as well. By the way, this is not an affiliate, they just have a great service that I wanted to share, because I can imagine for some of you the thought of a pitching a tent, sleeping on the floor, and freezing through the night is not your idea of fun and relaxing.

Check them out Stay Sublime

8 Health Benefits from Camping
Join me in this episode where I discuss the 8 health benefits of camping and how it ties into our relationship with food and wellness. Learn how getting outdoors can enhance your mood, re-energize your life, recharged your emotional batteries, and really get you to appreciate food once again.

  • Slow Down – get away from the mad rush of life, and just slow things down. Camping is a great way to make you take-it-easy, because once you’re at your campsite, tent is up, and you’ve eaten, there isn’t much to do. No TV, no internet, no errands to run, no appointments or meetings. Just the smell of fresh air, the brisk cold water on your skin, both of which are not coming from a HVAC system or from PVC pipes.
  • Reduce Stress – the outdoors just does that for us. Your body starts to release serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and more oxygen fills your lungs from the fresh mountain air. Your cortisol, insulin, and adrenaline levels drop, and your just feel relaxed. The vast views of peaks and valleys, endless trees, land and rocks just jetting out of nowhere, and the occasional spotting of deer, it all just gives you a new fondness for life. Your curiosity and sense of adventure is piqued, and it all puts a smile on your face. Your heart is flooded with positivity and goodness.
  • Black Rock Mnt View with Lorriane and Trisha

    Black Rock Mnt View with friends

  • Reconnect – this one is huge! Camping (or glamping in this case) is just a great way to reconnect our soul, to family, to friends, and to the great outdoors. It’s an opportunity to really connect once again to what really matters in life. Reconnecting means the ability to become more aware, being mindful, and being able to listen to the body so we don’t react but learn to respond.
  • Social circle and friends campfire and Airstream

    Social circle and friends campfire and Airstream

  • Appreciating Nature – it’s the small things (one small bite) | colors, smells, animals, dirt, lakes, waterfalls, rock walls and formations, it just goes on. When you live in the city, there might be trees and parks, but there’s something wild, natural if you would, about being at a campsite out in the woods. You’re detached from civilization and modern conveniences. The sky is pitch black, and you can see thousands of stars. By the way, this is one time I did use technology – check out these apps to help you better star gaze:
  • Black Rock Mnt waterfall and friends

    Black Rock Mnt waterfall and friends

    NASA Apps for Smartphones
    SkyView by Terminal Eleven LLC
    Star Walk 2

  • Digitally Disconnection – it’s a time to unplug and back to basics. Now, I get it, mobile companies have done a great job of getting more coverage in the mountains and rural areas, but it’s still a time to disconnect because you have pitch a tent, collect wood, start a fire, find water, cook, and there’s no light switch, kitchen, or refrigerator. You just don’t have much time to get on your phone sometimes. And other times, you just want to curl up with a good book, sip some delicious hot chocolate, cozie up to a hot fire, gaze up at the stars and realize how tiny we are in this world.
  • Mentally Challenging – you have to plan, prepare, pack, and think about what you have to bring. This is just not part of your daily routine, you’re not use to doing these things, so it challenges you mentally. You’ve got to figure out where you’re going to camp, how to get there, what to wear, where to pitch your tent, find wood for the fire, and what food to cook. You have to make sure you dress for the weather, plan for bugs, and all your gear.
  • Physical Activity – hiking, finding water, collecting wood, making a fire, cooking, pitching a tent, it’s definitely hard work, but the sense of accomplishment is amazing. Not to mention that you’re active, burning up energy, exercising, and moving around. Makes the evening meal that much more wonderful!
  • Appreciate Food – and of course I saved this great benefit for last. After all the physical work, hard labor, hiking, playing, and setting up your campsite you get to fuel yourself. It’s primal and connecting. It nourishes your soul! A delicious hot meal over a camp fire, shared with friends is just amazing. The food tastes that much better.
  • “Wait, did he say ‘appreciate food?’” Yes, camping is all about the food. You have plan it, pack it just right, make sure you have enough, and then you gotta cook it. Camping is not for the faint at heart, and in the challenge lies one of the key benefits of camping.

    TD Wellness Camping Recipe Favorites
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    Big Ask
    Go camping (or glamping)! Get outdoors and enjoy life. I’d love to hear how it goes. Leave me a quick voice message here

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