Episodes on the effects of aging on our body and diet

How to Overcome Eating and Body Image Challenges with The Body Joyful Author Anne Poirier

Hola amigos! Welcome back to another fantastic episode of the One Small Bite Podcast. We are so excited to bring you yet another thought inspiring conversation about body image, food, eating, substance challenges, eating disorders, and life changing journeys. In this episode David talks to Body Confidence Coach and Self-Talk Trainer Anne Poirier. Listen in…

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How Storytelling Can Transform your Relationship with Your Body with Storyteller Kimberly Dark

In this episode we’ll talk about the importance of how storytelling can transform your personal sovereignty. In other words, we discuss how to hold space for all people, bring more peace and self-compassion and kindness to ourselves, our bodies, and those of others. Today I bring Kimberley Dark to the show. Kimberly is a writer,…

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Episode 67: Who Else Wants to Find Balance Nourishing Their Soul? With Tai Chi Master Gu

This podcast is a little different than many I have done before. This week on One Small Bite, I interview Tai Chi Master Gu and apprentice George Thompson from Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Taoist Academy in Central China’s Wudang Mountains. We recorded this podcast in different countries on different continents which to me is…

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Episode 009: Food and Fitness After 50 with Dr. Christine Rosenbloom

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to give up on your health or physical activity. “It’s never too late” is one of Dr. Rosenbloom’s great pieces of advise. Listen in as I interview my mentor, colleague, and dear friend Dr. Christine Rosenbloom. Find out her what her three key ingredients are to living healthy after…

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