Episodes about alcohol

Episode 24: “Is Red Wine Better Than Cocktails?” And Your Other Alcohol Questions Answered

This episode comes from you, the listener! I’m excited for this one because I get an opportunity to field a few great listener questions regarding alcohol. Tune in as I provide some great tips and tricks to help us guys cut back on the booze, debunk alcohol myths and disinformation, and learn what works. Yeah,…

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Episode 16: How Hyper-masculinity is Ruining More Than Just Our Health with Co-host Patrick Bryant

Another great edition with my good buddy Patrick Bryant, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and owner of The Peaceful Place. Listen in as he comes back on the show to talk to us about Hyper-masculinity. We explore how this over expression and over exaggeration of being a man is affecting every aspect of our lives. From…

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Episode 14: How Sleep Affects Our Performance with Dr. Yishan Xu

Did you know that there are a lot of misconceptions regarding what is and what isn’t normal sleep? Well, I’ve invited Dr. Yishan Xu, a licensed clinical psychologist, sleep specialist, and founder and director of the Mind & Body Garden Psychology clinic in San Francisco to let us in on the secrets to better sleep!…

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