Part 2: How Chronic Dieting Exacerbates Eating Disorders in People with Type 2 Diabetes with Ashley Roehrig

Hola amigos! Welcome back —– This episode is Part 2 of episode 101 from the previous week, click here if you want to catch up. Ashley and David criticize the implicit bias affecting people in larger bodies with diabetes and what this provider does to advocate for her patient’s well-being. Plus, more science about how…

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Episode 41: Friday Food Hack – Now You Can Enjoy Your Carbs Without the Guilt

Have you been on one type of low-carb diet or another? Tried giving up white food, gone gluten-free, or just tried to stay away from eating too many carbs? Well that just doesn’t have to be the case. I bring back another information packed Friday Food Hack, where you’ll get simple and easy tips and…

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