Episode 78: 4 Key Elements of Unapologetic Eating with Guest Alissa Rumsey

On this episode of OSB David interviews Alissa Rumsey, author, dietitian, and intuitive eating counselor, about her new book Unapologetic Eating and more. Alissa shares how her relationship with food has transformed over the year and all things related to her new books. Her and David have a great conversation about Alissa’s four key elements…

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Episode 69: Series – Anti-Diet Approaches to New Year’s Resolutions with Maria Scrimenti

Happy 2021 everyone! I hope you enjoyed the first episode of this series last week! For the second Anti-Diet Approach to New Year’s Resolutions series episode David interviews Maria Scrimenti, Intuitive Eating counselor and owner of Maria Scrimenti LLC. They discuss three ways to build a different approach to New Year’s Resolutions. During this interview…

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Episode 65: Build Confidence and Be an Intuitive Eater with Julie Delucca Collins

This episode is a first for me, I interview a husband and wife and it was so much fun! Julie DeLucca Collins, owner of Go Confidently Coaching and her husband Dan are my guests this week, and I discuss what it means to go confidently and so much more! Julie talks about her journey and…

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