Episodes about diets and dieting

Episode 004: Nourishing your Soul with Patrick Bryant

Eating is a social function! From the day we are born, we are connecting to someone. Whether it’s our mother breastfeeding us, sitting with the family for dinner, or enjoying a meal in front of the TV, we don’t ever eat alone. That’s why going forward I am honored to have my friend and licensed…

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Episode 002: Chop the Diet Mentality!

Let’s finally chop and stop those crazy diets! In this episode we learn how to demystify diets, stop the hamster wheel of harmful diets, pseudo-diets, and weight-loss cycling, also know as yo-yo dieting, and get back to a healthy, positive, and sustainable relationship with food and your health. In this episode you will also get…

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Episode 001: One Small Bite

Welcome to the One Small Bite Podcast! In this introductory episode, I talk to you about my One Small Bite approach that has helped thousands of people thrive, nourish, and break the cycle of crazy diets. You will get a peak into how my experiences have guided my passion for food and nutrition and have…

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