Episode 35: How to Enjoy Tequila AND Turmeric with Kristen Olson

In this episode I bring on a fellow podcaster and marketing expert Kristen Olson, host of the podcast Turmeric and Tequila. Listen to this informative discussion on her cool podcast and sports marketing philosophy. What really caught my attention was that cool podcast name; listen is as we discuss that juxtaposition. We chat about what…

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Episode 33: How to Snooze and Lose with Dr. Lydia Sosenko

Sleep issues and challenges affect us all. In this episode I talk with dentist, Dr. Lydia Sosenko, an expert in dental oral appliances and therapy that help people sleep without the use of a CPAP or breathing machine. Many people deal with snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, or upper airway resistance syndrome, and end up developing…

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