Episode 85: Body Trust and How it Can Help You Break Free from Diet Culture with Guest Aaron Flores

In episode 85 David interviews guest Aaron Flores, a Body Trust® Certified dietitian based in California, about how body trust can help you break free from diet culture. During their conversation, David and Aaron connect on similarities in their journey to becoming dietitians. They discuss topics like what it is like transitioning from a weight-centric…

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Episode 83: How Body Liberation Frees Us from Diet Culture with Guest Kent Thomas

This week David interviews Kent Thomas, a social worker that focuses on body liberation coaching in Tacoma, WA. In this podcast David and Kent discuss difficult questions and thought provoking ideas around food, eating disorders, and body liberation. David asks Kent what body liberation is; They discuss queerness and Christianity, body shaming in the gay…

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Episode 21: Implicit Biases and How They Affect Us Men with Patrick Bryant

What does implicit bias mean, and in particularly how does it affect the way we eat, live, play, love, and become gentlemen? In this episode my buddy Patrick (from The Peaceful Place, LLC) and I shoot the breeze again about implicit biases by men toward men; by women toward men; by men toward women, what…

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