Intuitive Eating

Episode 16: How Hyper-masculinity is Ruining More Than Just Our Health with Co-host Patrick Bryant

Another great edition with my good buddy Patrick Bryant, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and owner of The Peaceful Place. Listen in as he comes back on the show to talk to us about Hyper-masculinity. We explore how this over expression and over exaggeration of being a man is affecting every aspect of our lives. From…

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Episode 13: Eat What You Want, Eat What You Need with Evelyn Tribole

Hey guys, have you ever heard of Intuitive Eating? Did you know it is a bestselling book? Oh, but definitely not one of those diet books! Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program that Works, is a way of eating and living that is in line with our values. Intuitive Eating helps transform your relationship with food…

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