Episode 24: “Is Red Wine Better Than Cocktails?” And Your Other Alcohol Questions Answered

This episode comes from you, the listener! I’m excited for this one because I get an opportunity to field a few great listener questions regarding alcohol. Tune in as I provide some great tips and tricks to help us guys cut back on the booze, debunk alcohol myths and disinformation, and learn what works. Yeah,…

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Episode 23: Top 10 Hacks to Make the Best of Working From Home During COVID-19

Cooped up in the house like me? Social Distancing is single handedly going to save millions of lives, so you have to listen in to this episode where I give you the Top 10 Health Hacks that will keep our minds right during this crisis. If you’ve never worked from home you’re probably realizing it’s…

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Episode 22: Protein – How Much, What Kind, and When

Welcome back, and thank you so much for listening in! OK, I have a slight change to my show coming your way. I’ve have decided to hit reboot on the format and refresh the show just a bit. Typically, I was bringing expert guest interviews on Wednesdays hoping I would drive interest in my show,…

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