Episode 56: Solution Focused Approaches for Those Little Picky Eaters with Guest Cher Kretz

In this podcast you will get to hear how Cher Kretz, host of the podcast Parenting 2.0 The Focused Mindset helps parents upgrade their parenting skills through a solution focused coaching approach. You have to listen in to how a solution focused therapy approach helps people focus on solutions and not the problem. It’s a…

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Episode 50: The Secret Ingredient of Healthy Eating: Compassion – with Guest Patrick Bryant

Do you want to know how compassion for oneself and for others is not only the secret ingredient to healthy eating, but one of the most power tools in our being? Stay tuned then cuz in this episode you’re going to get an earful! Oh, and I’m not doing it alone either. I get the…

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Episode 48 – Want to Know How Curiosity Can Enhance Your Health?

Have you ever been curious? Wanted to know more about a topic? I hope so, curiosity drives our forward momentum, like my favorite quote from President John F. Kennedy’s speech during the Space Race (don’t worry the quote is in this podcast). As mentioned in the last podcast Curiosity is one of the four C’s….

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