Episode 24: “Is Red Wine Better Than Cocktails?” And Your Other Alcohol Questions Answered

This episode comes from you, the listener! I’m excited for this one because I get an opportunity to field a few great listener questions regarding alcohol. Tune in as I provide some great tips and tricks to help us guys cut back on the booze, debunk alcohol myths and disinformation, and learn what works. Yeah,…

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Episode 23: Top 10 Hacks to Make the Best of Working From Home During COVID-19

Cooped up in the house like me? Social Distancing is single handedly going to save millions of lives, so you have to listen in to this episode where I give you the Top 10 Health Hacks that will keep our minds right during this crisis. If you’ve never worked from home you’re probably realizing it’s…

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Episode 20: Friday Food Hack – 8 Wellness Tips to Help You Fight Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus looming large, taking action to support your immune system is of upward importance now more than ever! Eating meals rich in immune-boosting foods that you’ll hear on this episode, as well as making sure to get adequate sleep, enough water, and moderate exercise is only going to help your chances at avoiding…

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