Episode 58: What Everyone Ought to Know About Grilling with Grillmaster Ed Gaile

You gotta listen in to this episode! My good friend and grillmaster Ed Gaile from Ed Gaile BBQ is on the show to talk about everything grilling. Listen as he gives us great advice about what grilling vessels to use – gas grills, ceramic grills, smokers, and more. He gives insights on what it takes…

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Episode 31: How To Stop BroScience, Body Image, and Disorders in Eating with Adrien Paczosa

Hey folks – so how’s your 30-Day Challenge going? Hit me up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and let me know how things are going. What questions do you have, and how I can help? Or, if you prefer a little more privacy then feel free to message me at my website. A little accountability…

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Episode 22: Protein – How Much, What Kind, and When

Welcome back, and thank you so much for listening in! OK, I have a slight change to my show coming your way. I’ve have decided to hit reboot on the format and refresh the show just a bit. Typically, I was bringing expert guest interviews on Wednesdays hoping I would drive interest in my show,…

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