Episode 022: Protein – How Much, What Kind, and When

Welcome back, and thank you so much for listening in! OK, I have a slight change to my show coming your way. I’ve have decided to hit reboot on the format and refresh the show just a bit. Typically, I was bringing expert guest interviews on Wednesdays hoping I would drive interest in my show,…

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Episode 021: Implicit Biases and How They Affect Us Men with Patrick Bryant

What does implicit bias mean, and in particularly how does it affect the way we eat, live, play, love, and become gentlemen? In this episode my buddy Patrick (from The Peaceful Place, LLC) and I shoot the breeze again about implicit biases by men toward men; by women toward men; by men toward women, what…

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Episode 011: Super Bowl Champions Eat Like This… with Leslie Bonci

Want to know what Super Bowl elite NFL players eat that get them to the championship? Come find out as I interview the Kansas City Chiefs nutritionist Leslie Bonci. This is going to be a great! Leslie talks about how she helps the players enhance their performance and get to the championship game. She gives…

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