Episodes on personal training

What Everyone Should Know About RED-S, Alcohol, Disordered Eating, and More with Val Schonberg

In this episode we’ll talk about energy deficiencies. I bring Owner of EnlightenU Nutrition Consulting, LLC, Val Schonberg, to the show. She will be telling us about Female and Male Athlete Triad, REDS, and the myths about calories. She will also be addressing diet culture’s role in the fear of weight gain, eating disorders, and…

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Episode 86: The Body Positive Fitness Center You Can’t Live Without with Guest Abbey Griffith

David interviews Abbey Griffith, the owner of Clarity Fitness a body positive fitness center in Decatur, Georgia. During this episode David and Abbey talk about what body positivity means, how Clarity Fitness came to be, and they have an open and honest conversation about their personal struggles with weight centric thinking. In this episode it…

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Episode 52: Is It Safe to Go Back to Your Gym? What to Consider with Guest Jason Varley

Are you itching to go back to the gym, but nervous about whether it is safe to go back in this COVID environment? Me too! Or, maybe you already have. Well, in this episode I bring my guest Jason Varley, owner of LivFitness in Atlanta GA, to tell us what to look for and how…

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Episode 25: Metabolism, Fat Burning, Fitness Testing and More with Michael Raynor

Do I have a great show for you today! I’m really excited to bring to you fellow registered dietitian and sports nutritionist Michael Raynor. He’s got a cool job! Michael specializes in sports nutrition and weight management and splits his time between counseling patients and performing metabolic and fitness tests for clients. Michael is passionate…

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Episode 11: Super Bowl Champions Eat Like This… with Leslie Bonci

Want to know what Super Bowl elite NFL players eat that get them to the championship? Come find out as I interview the Kansas City Chiefs nutritionist Leslie Bonci. This is going to be a great! Leslie talks about how she helps the players enhance their performance and get to the championship game. She gives…

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Episode 008: Integrity in a Personal Trainer Can Transform Your Health with Kit Miller

One of the biggest challenges many people face is getting enough and the right type of physical activity, and a personal trainer with Integrity. I interview Kit Miller, from Integrity Fitness and Martial Arts, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Tae Kwan Doe third degree black belt instructor. She discusses with me how people are intimidated…

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