What you eat

Episodes about what you eat, why you eat it, the who, where and how.

Episode 12: Table Talk Friday: How to Eat Healthy with a Packed Schedule

Another Bonus edition of Table Talk Friday where I invite a listener like you on the show to coach you through many of your food or fitness challenges. Listen in to this episode where we talk to Mike, who had a pretty common problem that many of us face – How to eat healthy with…

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Episode 006: Meal Planning Incrementally with Jeanne Petrucci

Today we talk with Jeanne Petrucci from Living Plate Rx about how to power up your diet and enhance your health. I invited Jeanne Petrucci, founder and owner of Living Plate Rx to talk about her white-label software service. Living Plate is a meal and menu planning software that delivers weekly meal plans, with pictures,…

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Episode 005: A Nonjudgmental Food Tracking App with Tamas Kiss

In this episode I talk with Tamas Kiss, co-founder of Ate, a food diary and tracking app. We discuss how his app is unlike any nutrition analysis and tracking app out there. We discuss how using his app helps people understand that health is mental, emotional, and physical and not just an analysis of carbs,…

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Episode 004: Nourishing your Soul with Patrick Bryant

Eating is a social function! From the day we are born, we are connecting to someone. Whether it’s our mother breastfeeding us, sitting with the family for dinner, or enjoying a meal in front of the TV, we don’t ever eat alone. That’s why going forward I am honored to have my friend and licensed…

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