Episode 80: Cool Alternative Careers for Chefs with Guest Chef Chris Spear

Episode 80 brings you chef Chris Spear, owner of Perfect Little Bites and fonder of Chefs Without Restaurants. David interviews Chef Chris about his experiences, what got him into cooking, how he started his own personal chef business where he cooks for groups as small as two, and more.

It is always great hearing from a chef and getting to talk food. During Chris and David’s conversation they touch on the a shared love for comradery, podcast making, and joys and struggles of being entrepreneurs. At one point Chris talks a little bit about the kitchen culture and imposter syndrome in his industry.

Similar to how David came up with One Small Bite Chris shares with us the story of how Perfect Little Bites became the name of his private/personal chef business. Did you know what for one meal it can take a personal chef four days to do all the prep work!? Crazy how much time and thought can go into cultivating a delicious multicourse menu and plan to bring all of your own equipment.

A Little about Chef Chris Spear:
Chris Spear is an in-home personal chef and culinary instructor, based in Frederick, Maryland, he provides his services within a 60-mile radius. he strives to provide you with a memorable, restaurant-quality food experience in the comfort of your own home. All dinners and events are personalized for each customer.

His culinary degree from Johnson & Wales and he worked as an executive chef with Sodexo, an international food services company with sites all over the world. while working at this level he realized he wasn’t spending much time in the kitchen and that was something he missed. Within a few years, Spear left his job at Sodexo to focus on Perfect Little Bites full-time. But once he became an independent business owner, he realized he missed the camaraderie of the kitchen. To combat the loneliness, Chris launched a Facebook group that he named Chefs Without Restaurants, whose purpose is to unite a scattered community of culinary professionals working outside the traditional kitchen setting. which includes personal chefs, food truck operators, caterers, chefs in contract food service, and anyone who wants to get together and have a have a good time.

Chef Chris Spear’s Links and Resources
Perfect Little Bites
Chefs Without Restaurants

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