Episode 42: Chronic Overeating – How to Curve It

Chronic overeating, also known as compulsive overeating, is a type of overeating that can be pretty debilitating for those of us that suffer from this. If this is you, you’ll want to listen in to this episode. I explain what truly defines chronic and compulsive overeating, like secrecy, physical pain, and the unavoidable pull to overeat. It seems like there’s something controlling actions and behaviors. I also discuss the various causes of chronic and compulsive overeating, such as stress, fear, and anxiety to name a few. I review the differences of emotional hunger versus physical hunger.

Emotional Hunger vs Physical Hunger

  • Sudden hunger vs Gradual hunger
  • Instant Gratification vs Delayed Satisfaction
  • Specific craving for Hyper-Palatable Foods vs Anything will do
  • Unrecognizable hunger cues vs Recognizable
  • Guilt, Powerlessness, Shame vs Neutral feelings

More importantly, I go over the alternative to chronic overeating like pausing, finding balance, and so much more. You gotta tune it for this one! It will really help transform your desire to overeat.

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