Episode 90: LatinX and Anti-Diet Approaches with Guest Dalina Soto

David is back with another great episode and this time he’s bring his special guest registered dietitian nutritionist, and just awesomest weight-inclusive LatinX nutritionist out there, Dalina Soto MA, RD, LDN. Dalina is a Spanish speaking registered dietitian and works as one of the few Spanish speaking registered dietitian nutritionists in the Philadelphia area and virtually across the country, teaching her clients how to ditch the diet mentality and keep their culture alive.

In this episode we discuss what it means to deliver weight-inclusive, anti-diet, and compassion focused nutrition recommendations and information to the LatinX communities. We talk about how Dalina was able to navigate through a very white cis-female dominate profession filled with implicit biases, to realize the importance of delivering a weight-inclusive and body positive approach. She tells us what the biggest challenges are for Latinas in a diet culture, and how the LatinX culture perpetuates these weight-centric norms on women to be thin and at the same time look voluptuous. Ay caramba! Listen in to all her great tips on being a more intuitive eater.

You can find her on IG @your.latina.nutritionist

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