Episode 12: Table Talk Friday: How to Eat Healthy with a Packed Schedule

Another Bonus edition of Table Talk Friday where I invite a listener like you on the show to coach you through many of your food or fitness challenges.

Listen in to this episode where we talk to Mike, who had a pretty common problem that many of us face – How to eat healthy with a packed schedule. Pay attention to how Mike works through some of his old habits that keep him locked into the mindless or unconscious eating. We go through his typical eating patterns and daily routines to unlock the secret ingredient that helps him move the needle in the right direction. We talk through what works and what doesn’t work. More importantly, you have to listen to how curiosity starts helping him unravel the challenges he’s facing. Spoiler alert – it comes down to that One Small Bite, yet again! Mike finds a healthy habit that he’s already doing, so you got to listen in to find out what happens.

If you like this episode, well then stay tuned for more great Table Talk Fridays where I’ll answer many of your questions and work with guest listeners just like you right here on the show.

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Until next time, remember, it only takes One Small Bite over time to transform your life. I look forward to serving you, and hearing from you soon! Thanks!

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