Episode 40: Part 2 – What No One Tells You About Eating Disorders with Guest Dr. Linda Paulk Buchanan

OK Y’all, it’s my Part 2 interview with Eating Disorders expert Dr. Linda Buchanan. We had a great first part discussion about the basics and understanding what Eating Disorders are, what they look like, what treatment looks like, and what to pay attention to. Dr. Buchanan explained that eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, and how over 30 million Americans suffer from some type of Eating Disorder, 10 million of which are for men. Like I mentioned before, this mental and nutritional condition is no joke folks! If you haven’t heard Part 1, go over and take a listen so you can get a good introduction to Part 2.

In Part 2 we delve deeper into the various nuances and challenges of Eating Disorders. Dr. Buchanan helps us understand Eating Disorders at a whole new level with topics such as.

  • Dual or multiple diagnosis – trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic illnesses
  • Using narrative therapies and approaches
  • Dealing with ambivalence
  • Genetics and Life experiences – Nature vs Nurture
  • New/different types of ED – orthorexia
  • Healthy At Every Size and Intuitive Eating
  • Effects on Metabolism and Setpoint Theory
  • What is it rewarding to work with people with ED

Article and free on demand webinar on body positivity, including a self test about attitudes regarding weight

Article, self-test and free on demand webinar on orthorexia

Article about myths about eating disorders

Please visit Episode 39 to get the full backgrounder on Dr. Buchanan. She founded Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders in 1993 which was acquired by Walden Behavioral Care in 2017 for whom she currently works as Senior Director of Clinical Services. Her book A Clinician’s Guide to Pathological Ambivalence: How to be on Your Client’s Side Without Taking a Side was published in 2019, the content of which she has presented at multiple national conferences.

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