Episode 58: What Everyone Ought to Know About Grilling with Grillmaster Ed Gaile

You gotta listen in to this episode! My good friend and grillmaster Ed Gaile from Ed Gaile BBQ is on the show to talk about everything grilling. Listen as he gives us great advice about what grilling vessels to use – gas grills, ceramic grills, smokers, and more. He gives insights on what it takes to compete as a grillmaster or just grilling for family and fiends. Ed also tells tells us what are the must have essential tools to use when grilling, and tips on how to make the best rubs and sauces. Spoiler alert – it’s easier than you think.

Nothing brings people together like good food. For Ed Gaile, no food does that better than BBQ. Slow smoked meats steeped in tradition and homemade sides that will make your taste buds do a dance. BBQ is the great equalizer, where people of all backgrounds can sit down together and enjoy each other’s company.

Ed Gaile fueled his love for BBQ on the barbecue competition circuit where he won a number of awards in the backyard category. He is a perpetual student of classic and new BBQ techniques. In 2018, Ed started a successful catering business, Ed Gaile BBQ. He bottles and sells his homemade bbq sauces and garlic dill pickles. He enjoys teaching and looks forward to getting back to that soon once the pandemic settles down. Ed also is a Kamado Joe Dealer and sells their red ceramic smokers, accessories, and charcoal.

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