The 100th Episode: How I chopped my diet mentality!

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Today we celebrate THE 100TH EPISODE by sharing David’s personal story and reveal two important changes in his private practice.  Are you sick of uncompassionate care? Tune in to hear how this dietitian rejected diet culture and helps people feel less overwhelmed. Nosotros estamos en esto juntos!

Through over a decade of private practice as a dietitian nutritionist, David has become a strong advocate against diet culture and promotes an anti-diet approach. Why? Because he has learned through experience and evidence-based science that dieting does not work.  It does not work because dieting creates a stress response in the body and the body will not be outwitted.  Sure, dieting can lead to short term results. Unfortunately, many of his prior clients dropped out because they were ashamed or embarrassed of the challenges of following the diet regimen and weight regain. So for his clients, and for his practice, he realized something was wrong, just wrong. It was through his training to become an Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor when he truly embraced intuitive eating and weight inclusivity.

TD Wellness has been David’s private practice for over a decade, but it no longer reflects his mission. The mysterious “TD” initials refer to his wife and David, their first name initials combined. His wife moved into another business since, and now, “TD” no longer fits.  What is more, “Wellness,” actually does not reflect his approach any longer.  The word “Wellness” is too closely attached to healthism. Healthism is a belief system that prioritizes the personal pursuit of health above anything else and is the property and responsibility of the individual. This belief system ignores the social determinants of health and community disparity. In other words, there are real barriers to being healthy outside of someone’s control and choices.

David know this because of his beloved parents, Humberto and Helena. As an immigrant entrepreneur family, he saw how chasing the American dream sacrificed health. Long hours without time for rest or physical activity and no health insurance eventually took its toll. This lead him to pursue a career as an official “health-nut.” After earning his credentials to be a dietitian, his experience at a Bariatric center showed time and time again that the weight comes back. Then in his private practice, his clients had the same struggle despite the conventional methods.

After learning and unlearning, David is finally content with his practice and approach.  He says NO to sizeism, ageism, healthism, racism, and diet culture. He embraces the body positivity movement and offers his clients compassion to the real world stresses in their lives. This podcast has brought on some amazing role models and as an honor to them and in celebration, he places a few highlights from episodes 13, 37, 61, and 74, featuring Evelyn Tribole, MS< RDN, CEDRD-S, Elyse Resch, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S, FAND, Dr. Wanda Williams, and Michelle Gooden, RDN-AP, LD, FAND.

The 100th Episode: How I chopped my diet mentality

Highlights of this episode:

    • The story behind One Small Bite Podcast
    • Re-branding of David’s private practice
    • Why Intuitive Eating is revolutionary to nutrition care
    • Clips from role model guests
    • Social Determinants and Health Equity
    • Compassionate care


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