Episode 001: One Small Bite

Welcome to the One Small Bite Podcast! In this introductory episode, I talk to you about my One Small Bite approach that has helped thousands of people thrive, nourish, and break the cycle of crazy diets. You will get a peak into how my experiences have guided my passion for food and nutrition and have transformed lives, and have help people develop a healthy and positive relationship with food. Everyone listening will get tips and advise from experts in fields such as nutrition, fitness, psychology, and even some tech experts to talk about what can help.

In this episode I also talk about my story, my mother’s and father’s illnesses, and my transformation from junk food and crazy life, to a positive and balanced eating approach and lifestyle. My hope is that this podcast will get men to start paying attention to their health early on, and head towards their own transformation. So, lets Chop the diet mentality, Fuel your body, and Nourish your soul!

Tune in to the next three episodes. I’ll talk about Chopping the diet mentality, will have guest Manuel Villacorta to talk about his latest book Essential Cookbook for Men, and if you stay tuned till the end there will be a give away. Can’t wait to have you listen!

If you get a chance please spread the word and share this podcast with others. Thank you so much for listening! Now let’s start taking One Small Bite to transform our lives!

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