Episode 006: Meal Planning Incrementally with Jeanne Petrucci

Today we talk with Jeanne Petrucci from Living Plate Rx about how to power up your diet and enhance your health. I invited Jeanne Petrucci, founder and owner of Living Plate Rx to talk about her white-label software service. Living Plate is a meal and menu planning software that delivers weekly meal plans, with pictures, recipes, ingredient and nutrient information and analysis, for 3-5 days a week. The meal plans can be completely customizable, and the best part is the grocery shopping list that is generated by day or days. It would be a great tool to use in conjunction with your Instacart or grocery shopping delivery service to make it easy to eat smart and healthy, while at the same time make it easy and convenient.

Jeanne also talks about the education services she provides for hospitals, clinics, and corporations. Listen in and sign up for the service right on my website. You can find Jeanne on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and on her website.

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