Episode 008: Integrity in a Personal Trainer Can Transform Your Health with Kit Miller

One of the biggest challenges many people face is getting enough and the right type of physical activity, and a personal trainer with Integrity. I interview Kit Miller, from Integrity Fitness and Martial Arts, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Tae Kwan Doe third degree black belt instructor. She discusses with me how people are intimidated by big fitness gyms, or small boutique facilities with young fit looking people. Kit also explains how so many fitness programs, classes, or so called fitness professionals all over social media talk a big game, but easily overwhelm, intimidate, and alienate so many.

Listen how Kit also talks to me about her journey. How she came from a very stressful and challenging world in corporate America, traveling and maintaining a hectic schedule, and leading un unhealthy lifestyle, to her self-transformation. She started One Small Bite (sorry, couldn’t help it) at a time to transform her mind, body, and soul. Kit has a unique approach with clients. She talks about the importance of guidance and patience, and the importance of form over function.

Join us in this awesome discussion about finding the right teacher, a guide and fitness professional with integrity, and how finding the right person can help transform your life.

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