Episode 10: Friday Food Hack – 5 Hacks to Break the Autopilot Syndrome

Welcome to the Friday Food Hack bonus episode. In these Friday Food Hacks, I serve up nutrition, fitness, and health hacks to help optimize your health and your life.

Today’s topic – 5 Hacks to Break the Autopilot Syndrome. In this episode of the Friday Food Hack I explore how our daily routines, and what I call – The Easy Zone – keep us from reaching our optimal health, productivity, and wellbeing. Listen in as I talk about all these tiny little habits, rituals, and routines that keep us perpetually looped into doing the same things over and over, but half the time we are hardly aware of what’s going on with our health. Take for example our daily morning routines. We hit the snooze button three times, stumble out of bed and zombie over to the coffee machine, and then sit and scroll through our social media or news feeds. We then rush to the shower, quickly get dressed, pour in another 12oz of coffee and grab a protein bar, and then off to the races. It’s like Groundhog Day, the exact same thing happens each morning. These constant little habits and routines are all too easy and convenient because it’s almost automatic. But do they make our lives more efficient? And how are they affecting our health?

Listen in as I talk about a conversation I had with a friend on how he changed old pesty habits. Spoiler alert!!! He just added one simple Interrupter to his daily routine, one of the 5 Hacks, and it was enough to transformed his life. So, hit play on your device and get the inside scoop on those 5 Hacks to Break the Autopilot Syndrome. You can also download a free copy of the 5 Hacks right here, and start transforming your life One Small Bite at a time.

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Remember, it just takes One Small Bite at a time to transform your life. Thanks!

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