Episode 37: Part 1 – How to Ditch Diets and Make Peace with Food with Elyse Resch

OK folks, it’s finally here – the brand new 4th edition of the most authoritative book on anti-diets, Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Anti-Diet...

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Episode 36: Top 5 Hydration Hacks that Buck Trends

It’s summer time and I often get quite a few questions about hydration and how much water to drink. In this episode I...

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Episode 35: How to Enjoy Tequila AND Turmeric with Kristen Olson

In this episode I bring on a fellow podcaster and marketing expert Kristen Olson, host of the podcast Turmeric and Tequila. Listen to...

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Episode 34: Friday Food Hack – Processed Foods: What Everyone Ought to Know

Everyone talks about processed foods, how bad they are for us, how risky they are for our health, and about those hidden chemicals...

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Episode 33: How to Snooze and Lose with Dr. Lydia Sosenko

Sleep issues and challenges affect us all. In this episode I talk with dentist, Dr. Lydia Sosenko, an expert in dental oral appliances...

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Episode 32: What Everyone Ought to Know About Burnout with Dr. Andrew Tisser

In these uncertain times of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the last thing we need is for our most important healthcare workers to get burned...

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