Episode 55: Spooked by Halloween Candy? Don’t be – Learn How to Enjoy Your Treats Intuitively

I love the Fall and Halloween, and you know me, I’m gonna tell you how to enjoy the candy without all that guilt...

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Episode 54: The Secret of Intuitive Eating for Athletes | Ditching Diet Culture and Improve Performance with Kia Bourne

In this episode we’ll go through what Intuitive Eating (IE) is and we’ll unpack how it can be used in conjunction with training...

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Episode 53: How Camping Nourishes Your Soul | 8 Health Benefits

Want to find out how camping is one of the best ways to nourish your soul? OK, well actually my family and I...

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Episode 52: Is It Safe to Go Back to Your Gym? What to Consider with Guest Jason Varley

Are you itching to go back to the gym, but nervous about whether it is safe to go back in this COVID environment?...

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Episode 51: Friday Food Hack – 6 Mindful Eating Techniques That Will Enhance Your Health

These 6 Mindful Eating Techniques will truly help you enhance your health and build a better relationship to eating and food. What does...

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Episode 50: The Secret Ingredient of Healthy Eating: Compassion – with Guest Patrick Bryant

Do you want to know how compassion for oneself and for others is not only the secret ingredient to healthy eating, but one...

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