Episode 23: Top 10 Hacks to Make the Best of Working From Home During COVID-19

Cooped up in the house like me? Social Distancing is single handedly going to save millions of lives, so you have to listen...

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Episode 022: Protein – How Much, What Kind, and When

Welcome back, and thank you so much for listening in! OK, I have a slight change to my show coming your way. I’ve...

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Episode 021: Implicit Biases and How They Affect Us Men with Patrick Bryant

What does implicit bias mean, and in particularly how does it affect the way we eat, live, play, love, and become gentlemen? In...

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Episode 020: Friday Food Hack – 8 Wellness Tips to Help You Fight Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus looming large, taking action to support your immune system is of upward importance now more than ever! Eating meals rich...

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Episode 019: Diabetes Could be Negatively Affecting Your Performance in Bed with Jill Weisenberger

Yup, it’s true. When blood sugars are not managed it affects our sex drive, our performance in bed, and may lead to erectile...

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Episode 018: Stomach Problems NO MORE with Gut Expert Kate Scarlata

Are you dealing with stomach pain, bloating, excess gas, and gut issues that just won’t quit? The worst part is when these issues...

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