Episode 49 – How Teamwork in Healthcare can Enhance Your Physical Performance and Nutrition with Guest Andrew Takata

Hey folks, want to know how to get your healthcare team to collaborate and enhance your physical performance and nutrition? Today on the...

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Episode 48 – Want to Know How Curiosity Can Enhance Your Health?

Have you ever been curious? Wanted to know more about a topic? I hope so, curiosity drives our forward momentum, like my favorite...

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Episode 47 – Eat What You Want and Live Healthy the OSB Way!

Okay Y’all, in this episode I’m talking about the foundation of what I do and where One Small Bite really comes from. I...

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Episode 45: 4 Ways Guys Can Enhance Their Sex Life

Yes, you read it right, we’re talking about 4 ways men can enhance their sex life! It’s information you are NOT going to...

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Episode 44: Avoid Cooking and Still Eat Healthy with guest Jessica Todd

Yup I said it, avoid cooking and still eat healthy! How? With a meal delivery service like Perfectly Portioned Nutrition. In this episode...

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Episode 43: 8 Simple Ways to Meal Plan Intuitively

In this podcast episode, I’m going to provide 8 Simple Ways to Meal Plan Intuitively so that you can start making a positive...

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