Episode 66: Friday Food Cast – 6 Secrets to Intuitively Steering Through Holiday Food Events

One of the main concerns I hear around this time of year is the stress around holiday food. Stress levels are already high for many of us this year, and holiday tasks/events can heighten this, especially during a pandemic. Stress around holiday foods can be connected to fears of overeating or shame. Triggers like listening to a friend or family member talk about diets, weight, or their weight centric New Year resolution may come up.

SO, in this Friday Food Cast episode I provide 6 Secrets to Intuitively Steering Through Holiday Food. These are all a form of One Small Bite we can take to steer through holiday foods in an intuitive way and helps us genuinely enjoy what matters to us. Let lose; take a break; and enjoy time with family and friends.

6 Secrets to Intuitively Steering Through Holiday Food Events

  • Fuel and Nourish Yourself
  • Establish Boundaries
  • Build Self-Compassion
  • Get Some Support
  • Practice
  • Enjoy Your Food! Episode 60

Like the quote from Brene Brown “When perfectionism is driving us (diets), shame is riding shotgun and fear is that annoying backseat driver.”

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