Episode 41: Friday Food Hack – Now You Can Enjoy Your Carbs Without the Guilt

Have you been on one type of low-carb diet or another? Tried giving up white food, gone gluten-free, or just tried to stay away from eating too many carbs? Well that just doesn’t have to be the case.

I bring back another information packed Friday Food Hack, where you’ll get simple and easy tips and ideas to enjoy guilt-free carbohydrates once again!

You don’t have to give up carbs to be healthy. In this episode I talk about…

  • Research – how eating too few carbs can kill us
  • New Ideas – 5 ways to enjoy carbs once again
  • Satisfaction – the right amounts and learning to satisfy
  • Types of carbs – what are carbs and where to get them
  • Endurance – how carbs are key to body’s energy maintenance

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