Episode 55: Spooked by Halloween Candy? Don’t be – Learn How to Enjoy Your Treats Intuitively

I love the Fall and Halloween, and you know me, I’m gonna tell you how to enjoy the candy without all that guilt and shame. You’ll learn how to enjoy those treats and have a more relaxing holiday, because with intuitive eating we can build a more positive relationship with any food. Yes, any food, and that means candy.

Maria’s Obsession Over Candy
You have to tune in to Maria’s story about candy and her fear of weight gain, overeating, and binging on sugar. We learn through Maria’s story that a desire to eat anything, including binging on candy, has a whole lot more to do with her emotional state and consequences of a repetitive negative narrative that reinforces an anxiety. Her fear of candy, which fuels further anxiety, and therefore desire.

I this episode I also provide 5 simple tips that can help us enjoy the holiday and candy, and focus more on the events and fun traditions that can help balance the holiday just a little bit. Check out these five simple tips

5 Simple Tips to Enjoy Halloween Candy

      Plan for Halloween Activities –– this means plan fun events the weeks prior to Halloween like hay rides, pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving, making costumes, painting, Halloween decorations. On Halloween, invite people over for a backyard haunted costume party and graveyard obstacle course or jumpy house for the kiddos.
      Have a meal with the family –– Before going trick-o-treating, have a family dinner. Make it a family tradition with some fun Halloween inspired food ideas. I found a few great recipes –– no affiliate connection, I just googled some cool ideas for spooky meals and thought I would share what I found. Gonna try many of these myself! Halloween Party Recipes | Pumpkin Chocolate Cups | Monster Wraps | Mummy Brie | Spooky Ghost Cookies | Pizza Skulls | Bloody Good Cheesecake |
      Enjoy your favorite candy –– Instead of eating everything in the candy bag or bowl after giving them out, or when you get back from trick-o-treating, separate out your favorite and plan to enjoy a few. And don’t kid yourself, plan to enjoy a few for the next few weeks. Take the stress out of eating it, and you’ll start taking away the power of compulsion.
      Pay attention to your body cues –– If you remember from Episode 13, where Evelyn Tribole, co-author of Intuitive Eating described the importance of interoceptive awareness, which is the ability to pay attention to our body’s physical and mental cues. Pay attention to your stress, your hunger, thirst, and body functions, and this way you’ll be much better connected with how much to sugar to have during the holidays, not just this spooky night.
      Play the Switch Witch –– Are you familiar with this game? It’s a great way to let yourself, and your kids enjoy some candy, and be a part of giving back. Take all your trick-o-treating collections, and any leftover candy you have in the house, and let everyone get a couple of small handfuls of the candy each to enjoy for the next few days. Then collect the rest in a big bag or bowl and leave it out overnight for the Switch-Witch to collect it and leave the kids (or yourself) a treat in exchange. Think Tooth Fairy but for Halloween. Send the candy to a food bank or charity.

But hey remember, the most important part of Halloween, or any holiday, are the memories and fun events that you get from being with family and friends. Enjoy your connections and be safe, keep your distance, wear masks, wash your hands, and be mindful.

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