Episode 36: Top 5 Hydration Hacks that Buck Trends

It’s summer time and I often get quite a few questions about hydration and how much water to drink. In this episode I talk about where the recommendation for 8-8 ounces of water a day come from. I give examples of how beverage companies push the concept of over hydrating in order to sell more of their products. Then there’s also the beauty, supplement, fitness, and even health industries that have also highjacked the concept of more water. Spoiler alert! “More” water doesn’t beautify our skin, give us more energy, or even help us lose weight or keep us healthier. More water just makes us go to the bathroom all the time, and well that’s just disruptive.

Listen in to today’s episode where I give some simple but sound suggestions to helps us pay better attention to our own internal signals to hydrate; how to get more water from the food we eat; and cool ideas to make water a little more enjoyable.

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