Episode 16: How Hyper-masculinity is Ruining More Than Just Our Health with Co-host Patrick Bryant

Another great edition with my good buddy Patrick Bryant, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and owner of The Peaceful Place. Listen in as he comes back on the show to talk to us about Hyper-masculinity. We explore how this over expression and over exaggeration of being a man is affecting every aspect of our lives. From the food we eat to the relationships we keep; hyper-masculinity is deeply integrated in every fabric of our male existence. Our discussion today covers challenges in raising boys in this toxic environment, how we subliminally express old traditions and beliefs of what it means to be a man, thus forcing us to extreme behaviors such as overeating, over exercising, sex addiction, depression, and even extreme waves of anger or violence. Join us as we explore how we can overcome some of these challenges, and tap into vulnerabilities to build greater strength and emotional intelligence. Listen in as Patrick also provides us with 3 simple approaches to enhancing our identity, and truly become a gentle-man.

Patrick is owner You can find Patrick Bryant at The Peaceful Place, LLC, and provides a holistic approach to helping men. He believes that working with the whole you (mind, body, emotion, and spirit) is what helps you reach self-satisfaction and healthy connection with others, all the while respecting that you are in control of your experience and the direction you wish to take your life. Patrick’s work comes from a safe, non-judgmental approach, and he believes men are more than stoicism, anger, responsibilities, and needs for success. He notes that men have a spectrum of emotion, and face challenges navigating vulnerability, like anyone else; however this experience may manifest in different ways for men. Creating time and space to grow and develop your complete self (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) will not only bring enrichment to your life, but to others around you. Our work, together, may include fostering a healthy relationship with masculinity, navigating stress, or overcoming anxiety, depression, trauma, or relationship challenges.

Remember to tune in each month as Patrick will continue to cover a variety of health, nutrition, and wellness topic for the modern man. We will also be taking your listener questions and comments on air, so feel free to leave us a comment here.

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