Episode 81: Friday Food Cast – Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

This Friday Food Cast is all about how weight loss articles send the wrong message. We continue to inspect the referenced research with a weight inclusive lens. Episode 81 dives into one of the referenced research papers from an article about different intermitted fasting techniques and weight loss. The article and research was reviewed by an intern at TD Wellness, Ivy Tran.

On the surface the research paper appears to be decent and probably a good reference source for the article, but as David presents Ivy’s review we can see various inconsistencies. Bigger yet, Ivy identifies why this research paper might not be representative of the general population, as the article suggests about intermitted fasting. More or less, this is a great podcast if you want to gain a little insight into how we (anti-diet, weight inclusive) dietitians critically look at research. Specifically, research used to promote individuals to disconnect with natural hunger cues and in add more restrictions to food.

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