Episode 21: Implicit Biases and How They Affect Us Men with Patrick Bryant

What does implicit bias mean, and in particularly how does it affect the way we eat, live, play, love, and become gentlemen? In this episode my buddy Patrick (from The Peaceful Place, LLC) and I shoot the breeze again about implicit biases by men toward men; by women toward men; by men toward women, what men assume women want, think, etc. about expectations for men. An example is how we raise boys to suck it up, be strong, independent, and fight it out, which all exacerbate hypermasculinity reinforce stereotypes, gendered segregation, negative perceptions and sensitivities between/toward other genders, reactions to/avoidance of vulnerability, excessive or extreme sports or exercising, and eating disorders in men.

Listen in to our 4 Antidote to Implicit Bias
1. Pause
2. Presence
3. Prioritize
4. Practice

We are having these conversations to allow us the freedom and permission to redefine masculinity and its parameters, seek and build compassion and kindness to ourselves as well as others, normalizing diversity within masculinity – it’s ok to be masculine; it’s not ok to shame/judge others for not meeting standards for extreme masculinity. Being respectful, gentlemanly, responsible, competitive, protective, etc. are fine qualities, but it’s more about how we attain in mindful and compassionate ways.

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