Episode 015: Friday Food Hack – Does Intermittent Fasting Really Work?

Welcome to the Friday Food Hack bonus episode number 15. In these Friday Food Hacks, I serve up nutrition, fitness, and health hacks to help optimize your health and your life.

Today’s topic – Does Intermittent Fasting actually work? In this episode of the Friday Food Hack I explore the recent diet phenomenon of Intermittent Fasting, or IF for short. I talk about the research behind IF and what it shows, how efficacious it for us guys, and whether there is strong backing that this diet actually helps us. I came across this topic because of the number of people that have been coming to my office interested in starting this diet, or clients looking for more professional guidance to do this diet right. Some guys just want to find out why it’s is or isn’t working for them. Some guys have been asking whether it helps them cut fat and trim up or improve their health like lowing blood sugar levels or cholesterol. On this episode I tell you about the 5 Key Diet Traps that I talk about in Episode 2: Chop the Diet Mentality and how IF fairs to that checklist. We look the types of IF that people are doing, and what happens initially and long term. I talk about certain studies on IF and what they show.

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