Episode 29: The Tool Kit to Navigating Loneliness with Patrick Bryant

Loneliness has enormous implications and effects on our health. Loneliness can be manifested as boredom, anger, fear, anxiety, or other more dangerous forms of emotional expression. In this episode I bring back my friend and therapist Patrick Bryant, LCSW to discuss what Loneliness is, what it means, how it comes about, and how it plays out in our behaviors especially now with physical distancing and quarantine guidelines. We discuss how Loneliness can be a major factor in the way we eat such as overeating, stress eating, mindless or boredom eating, or just the opposite such as restricting, avoiding, or controlling food in one way or another. Listen in as we provide the action steps in The Tool Kit to Navigating Loneliness

1. Acknowledge It – Paying attention with what we are feeling, and what makes us so uncomfortable. Understanding the difference between being lonely or being alone, and how isolation and the degree of social distancing can be harmful. Are we inventing any stories about our identity while feeling this way? (no one likes me, I’m worthless if I’m not engaged with people, loneliness is forever, I should really get over it – men don’t worry about these things, etc.)

2. Own It – Labeling it and owning “Ok, I’m feeling lonely. Wonder what that’s about?” Avoiding or ignoring your loneliness only gives more power to the discomfort, and conditions one to believe they cannot handle it, thereby, reacting more strongly and automatically each time they become of loneliness.

3. Move Through It – Now that we are aware and own up to what we’re feeling, let’s look at tips and techniques that will help us move through our Loneliness such as Stress Eating Interruption exercise, Eating With People, Finding Connections, and Being Present techniques like Meditation, Breathing, and more.

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