Episode 67: Who Else Wants to Find Balance Nourishing Their Soul? With Tai Chi Master Gu

This podcast is a little different than many I have done before. This week on One Small Bite, I interview Tai Chi Master Gu and apprentice George Thompson from Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Taoist Academy in Central China’s Wudang Mountains. We recorded this podcast in different countries on different continents which to me is SO cool! During our interview Master Gu gives us insight into his story, his lineage, and the philosophies of his teachings. George tells us how he found Master Gu and what lessons he has gained from his learnings.

This episode is a must listen! We discuss the differences between Tai Chi and Qi Gong, the philosophy of wellness from Taoism, and how food and sleep is a crucial part of Chi (AKA energy). Master Gu and George Thompson share their different habits around food. Our talk considers the balance around fueling your body and nourishing your soul.

So, remember – Chop the diet mentality; Fuel Your Body; and Nourish Your Soul

Master Gu Shining is the director of Wudang Taoist Culture Centre (WTCC) and headmaster of the Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy (WTWA). Among the martial artists in the Wudangshan area, he is one of the few who was born here, and perhaps the only one who can teach in fluent English. While most institutions focus primarily on movement teaching, Master Gu has been directing his academy to follow the Taoist Way: not only movement but also internal alchemy and cultural exploration.

Gu Shining’s Chinese name is Gu Shiyi. Shining is his Taoist name, as he belongs to the 15th generation of Wudang Sanfeng Pai or sect, His shīfu (fatherly feacher) is Grandmaster Zhong Qingwei (Taoist name) or Zhong Yunlong.

Master Gu aims to spread the wisdom and wellness practices of Taoism, and to help all who wish to learn and explore deeper into the Taoist culture. He teaches primarily at the WTWA in the Wudang Mountains, but also teaches abroad when invited.

Links and Resources
Master Gu’s Online Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy is a unique online academy teaching tai chi, qi gong and natural living from the beautiful Wudang Mountains, China. Join a friendly student community of over 350 students learning how to live long and live well with Master Gu. Find out more by clicking the link below:

George Thompson’s YouTube Channel is full of videos exploring practical philosophy for joyful living from a first-person perspective of someone still trying to work life out:

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