Episode 43: 8 Simple Ways to Meal Plan Intuitively

In this podcast episode, I’m going to provide 8 Simple Ways to Meal Plan Intuitively so that you can start making a positive relationship with food and eating once and for all! If you find yourself stuck between eating what you want and following a meal plan made by someone that doesn’t know your food likes and dislikes, this is the podcast for you. I will discuss the 8 simple yet intuitive ways to meal plan. Best part, it should be packed full of meals you love. I also talk about a few colleagues’ websites who have this dietitians 5 star rating!

Eight Simple Ways

  • Write it down
  • Pick 3 for the week (keep 1 in your pocket)
  • Leftovers – use and store
  • Utilize a slow cooker/InstaPot
  • Make grocery shopping easy
  • Organize
  • Incorporate the people around you
  • Meal delivery services (are they right for you?)

Most importantly, remember its about balancing what you want with what you need. Enjoy foods because it’s a part of your life.

As discussed in this podcast check out my Meal Planning Kit and

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