Episode 47 – Eat What You Want and Live Healthy the OSB Way!

Okay Y’all, in this episode I’m talking about the foundation of what I do and where One Small Bite really comes from. I talk about some of my client interactions over the 14 years I have been practicing as a dietitian, some of the realizations I’ve had, and influential exposures that have really guided my practice. More importantly, this episode will also give you some insight into the book I am working on.

So how One Small Bite came to be- It all started during our family dinners! Most nights we all come together at the dinner table and we have one rule where we eat whatever the cook makes, which is usually myself or my wife. The phrase, “one small bite” is something my wife and I have said to our daughter many times over the years. When she was about a year and a half to two years old we would say “ Hey sweety all you have to do is take one small bite , if you don’t like it we aren’t going to force you to eat it” many times she would take one small bite and we would have this simple code, where it was a thumbs up, thumbs to the side, or thumbs down. This gave her the chance to figure out how she felt about the food. Eventually we had a two hand system where she would give us a combination of thumbs up, down, and sideways. It was quite cute really! She is eight now and we still have the same system, but our intention was getting her to at least try foods. We build on a compassion-driven nutrition approach. It’s the same approach we all have to take to truly chop that diet mentality and make meaningful changes.

Along with the One Small Bite mentality there are four traits or mindsets I have continued to see in my clients who end up having the most success – Curiosity, Compassion, Commitment, and Consistency. These Four C’s as I call them, are the foundation of what it means to take One Small Bite . These are the key traits of people that have had meaningful and successful transformations.

The 4 C’s

  • CURIOSITY – Trying something new and tweak things along the way to find what works best for you
  • COMPASSION – Being kind to and prioritizing yourself about your choices and knowing no one is perfect
  • COMMITMENT – Determination, loyalty, and trust with yourself even if you fall along the way
  • CONSISTENT – Sticking with the changes you make, it takes time to really know if what you’ve changed is having a positive impact

These four key traits are how you get to Eat What You Want and Live Healthy with the One Small Bite Approach. Best part is there is no need to diet to live a healthy life.

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