Episode 50: The Secret Ingredient of Healthy Eating: Compassion – with Guest Patrick Bryant

Do you want to know how compassion for oneself and for others is not only the secret ingredient to healthy eating, but one of the most power tools in our being? Stay tuned then cuz in this episode you’re going to get an earful! Oh, and I’m not doing it alone either. I get the privilege once again to shoot the breeze about all things self-compassion, kindness, mindfulness, and acceptance with my great friend, psychotherapist and national board-certified hypnotherapist, Patrick Bryant, LCSW.

As many of you know Patrick Bryant, LCSW, and his wife, Megan Bryant LPC, ATR, own The Peaceful Place LLC, which is a person-centered, mindfulness-based psychotherapy practice with several clinicians. Their practice is focused on understanding and respecting people where they are in their lives. They focus on your journey in growth and development, helping you move through the uncomfortable spaces, rather than avoid them. It’s about finding that self-compassion and self-awareness that is key!

Balanced Eating is Self-Compassion
In this episode we explore how finding and developing your self-compassion and compassion for others is intricately linked to balanced eating, living healthy, and being productive. It is the one of the 4C’s in my new One Small Bite book, coming out soon. Patrick and I talk about this specific “C” Compassion, and we rumble with various very important topics of compassion like…

  • Self-kindness – coming from a place of respect and love for ourselves
  • Open Mindedness – being open to possibilities, being curious
  • Expansion – the ability to know our minds are as vast as an ocean of water
  • Acceptance – learning to accept ourselves in order to move on
  • Perfectionism – there is no perfect diet, no magic food ingredient, life is imperfect
  • Over confidence – confidence comes from making mistakes in food choices and behaviors
  • Curiosity – can be explored when we move toward self-compassion

Patrick and I discuss how these topics are intertwined into the fabric of our eating behaviors. How being open minded helps us build our curiosity, which if you heard Episode #48 – Curiosity that’s exactly what I talked about. We also discuss how often we are unaware that our aggression, anger, violence, and criticism towards others reflects on ourselves, our behaviors, including the way we eat, the lack of self-care, and harsh self-deprecating

And you have to stay tuned to the end of the episode because Patrick shares with us his One Small Bite that helps us be more compassionate. But, you gotta listen to get the full story!

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