Episode 48 – Want to Know How Curiosity Can Enhance Your Health?

Have you ever been curious? Wanted to know more about a topic? I hope so, curiosity drives our forward momentum, like my favorite quote from President John F. Kennedy’s speech during the Space Race (don’t worry the quote is in this podcast). As mentioned in the last podcast Curiosity is one of the four C’s.

I sure hope this episode piques your curiosity. Listen in to hear How Curiosity Can Enhance Your Health. In this episode I discuss the section of my book on curiosity, the science behind curiosity and health, and take the opportunity to give you a little bit more of an in depth approach.

Sticking with this podcast’s theme, we start with this riddle – This physician and his son go on a car ride. On their car ride they get hit head on by another car. They are rushed to a hospital; the boy goes to one operating room and the father goes to another. The operating room where the boy is the surgeon says, “I can’t operate on him, he’s my son!”. What’s going, who is the surgeon? – well let’s find out!

Curiosity is an important part of my practice, myself and my clinicians really try to tap into our clients curiosity and help them elicit their own way of changing their health. Truly making it a personalized approach to healthcare.

In my book I put together stories of people and their lives, I’ve changed their names and some specifics so there isn’t anything revealing, but a lot of people I work with go through similar experiences. So listen in to hear about Meredith, from my book, and more about the four aspects of curiosity that I noticed in her and many of my other successful clients:

  • Awareness – she first started paying attention to her routine.
  • Open Minded – she started to see what she needed, she was reflective, open minded
  • Experiment – she moved to action, did just one small change at a time, learned
  • Evaluate – she would modify things that worked, and she would enhance things that worked well.

During this episode I reference episode 13 and episode 39, if you want to check either of those out. Last weeks episode, episode 47, might interest you as well. I really recommend watching the TED Talk with Shonda Rhimes about her year of saying yes, if your really curious about this podcast.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet or didn’t make it to the end, the answer to the riddle is the surgeon is the boy’s mother! Isn’t it funny, we have these implicit biases? I hope you enjoyed that!

I am going to bring you the rest of the book in later episodes. If you are interested in giving me feed back on the manuscript please reach out, I would LOVE your feedback! Currently I am looking for people to take a look at the book in the editing process.

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