Episode 22: Protein – How Much, What Kind, and When

Welcome back, and thank you so much for listening in! OK, I have a slight change to my show coming your way. I’ve have decided to hit reboot on the format and refresh the show just a bit. Typically, I was bringing expert guest interviews on Wednesdays hoping I would drive interest in my show, but I needed to wake-up and smell the coffee. I started listening to you, and what you said is that you rather hear it from me. Some comments were “David this is great, but tell me what to eat” or “I’d love to know more about alcohol…protein…when is the best time to snack” and more! Well, you guys have been giving me some love, albeit a bit tough love, but nonetheless, great comments and feedback from you. So, I’m going to do just that…bring you more solo shows with content you’re looking for.

To start things off, today’s topic is (drum roll please) Protein! How much, what kind, and when to have it? I’ll talk to you about what amount of protein is needed for most men based on age, physical activity level, and health state. I’m bring you the scoop on protein powders, plant-based proteins, and animal-based protein sources, and how that all translates to real food. I’ll also discuss when it’s important to get that protein in your body, such as before or after your workout, or throughout the day. Alright guys listen in cuz I’m bring it! Oh, and spoiler alert – it’s not as much protein as you think.

Once again, I greatly appreciate you for listening and supporting my show, and keep the great feedback coming! Feel free to go to Apple and leave me a review, or visit my website and leave me a comment there. I answer every comment to make sure I bring you relevant content that maximizes our health.

Lastly, I look forward to serving you more in future episodes! Remember, it just takes One Small Bite at a time to transform your life – Chop that diet mentality, Fuel your body, and Nourish your soul!

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